Retro Sweetshop

Four retro sweet mix tubs with classic sweet ranges

Everyone’s sweetshop favourites

Our love affair with all things sweet is showing no signs of abating, with a large-scale revival of nostalgic retro sweets across Britain. Our love for classic retro brands and sweetshop favourites is stronger than ever, as shown by the revival of many old-school classic brands and flavours, and the rejuvenation of pick and mix favourites like cola bottles and jelly beans.

Our retro sweetshop gift selection contains an assortment of everyone’s favourite confections to pick from. From vibrant glass drinking jars filled with Swizzels sweets, to confectionery classics displayed in sweetshop-style jars, we’ve got it all. Ranging from golden oldies like jelly babies and liquorice allsorts to contemporary favourites like fizzy dummies, these sweet gifts are perfect for kids (and big kids!) to share.

  • Did you know that the boiled sweets we love today were first developed in the 19th century as the price of sugar became affordable?
  • Jelly babies were actually first launched as “Peace Babies” at the end of WWI, and renamed years later
  • Sweets and chocolate were rationed in England from 1942 until 1953, when children rushed out to buy toffee apples, liquorice and nougat with their pocket money!
Retro sweets plastic tub and a stripey paper bag of jelly beans Retro Sweets gift range packaging