Grill Station

The Grill Station pepper shaker and baskets of potato wedges

Sure-fire trends in all things smoked and grilled

The smoke and grill trend is booming in the UK, supported by pit masters’ authentic recipes and innovative cooking techniques, and grill restaurants’ infamous food challenges. Classic smokehouse dishes such as steak, brisket, burgers and more are thriving in today’s market, while smoked vegetarian and vegan options such as smoked tofu and “pulled pork” jackfruit are also experiencing a massive surge in popularity. The trend for all things smoked has even proliferated into smoked chocolate, sugar and cocktails.

With more and more people investing in their own high-end BBQs and classic serveware for an authentic grilling experience, our Grill Station range channels a traditional steakhouse feel with rustic wood, cast iron pans and distressed, chalkboard style styling. The gift range has a touch of Americana, tying into the ongoing trend for all things grilled, smoked, and barbecued. After all, the UK are a nation of BBQ lovers, despite the iffy weather!

  • We’ve celebrated our infatuation with smoke for over 20 years in the UK with National BBQ week (28th May – 3rd June)
  • The UK was crowned Europe’s leading BBQ nation in 2015, and the market continues to thrive
  • In 2017, the UK enjoyed a staggering 130 million BBQs
Cast iron pan from the Grill Station range Grill Station gift range packaging