Gifts for dogs and dog lovers

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Great gifts for your canine companions

With the UK’s dog population now surpassing 8.5 million, our canine pets are becoming increasingly important members of our families. Pets are indulged more than ever, with “puppuccinos” recently launching in Starbucks and increasing numbers of pet-friendly restaurants, workplaces and holiday packages available to pet lovers. During the festive season, it’s even more important to us that our pet pups are able to partake in the celebrations.

Our gifts for dogs are ideal for those looking to treat their beloved pups at Christmastime, with products such as “Bottom Sniffer” dog beer, doggie treat jars, and make your own dog biscuit sets. Moreover, our range extends to pet owners, with gorgeous pet parent mug sets, travel cups perfect for taking on a morning stroll, and even doggie-shaped wine bottle holders.

  • Today, over half of dog owners in the UK treat their pets to a Christmas stocking
  • 8 out of 10 pet owners now choose to give their pet a Christmas present of their own
  • Even deluxe pet gifts are now available from luxury retailers such as Ralph Lauren and the Royal Collection Shop