Gifts for cats and cat lovers

Ralph & Ginger cat mug duo gift set and other gifts from the range

Gifts sure to purr-lease your feline friends

The UK’s cat population now surpasses 8 million, with cat cafes all the rage in city centres and a quarter of households possessing a pet cat of their own. Our feline friends are increasingly seen as members of the family in their own right, and at Christmastime, it’s even more important to us that our fluffy companions aren’t left out of the festivities, with the nation increasingly gifting pets presents and treats of their own.

Our selection of gifts for cats are certain to induce purrs, with products such as “pawsecco” cat wine being a star seller for Christmas 2017. What’s more, our gift range now extends to proud cat parents, with cat mum and dad mug sets, wine glasses, and more.

  • Consumer spending on our furry friends has almost doubled in the last decade, with £4.5 billion expenditure in 2016
  • Recent reports suggest that over half of us splurge more money on Christmas gifts for our pets than on gifts for friends or relatives
Pawsecco bottle with cat drinking it from a bowl Gifts for Cats gift range packaging