Photo of a 'foodie' serving board with cheese, baby tomatoes, pickle and grapes
Image of ceramic side dish serving bowls coming in a range of earthenware colours Foodie gift range packaging

Delicious gifts that foodies will love

We’re eating increasingly varied diets in the UK, with our favourite dishes originating from the cuisine of India, China, Thailand, Mexico and many other countries. The vast majority of us are changing the way we eat, with a less structured approach to meals and a changing palate. Whether we are eating out more often, enjoying an array of fast casual dining restaurants, sharing food; trialling a meat-free or vegan diet; or enjoying new, more exotic recipes at home, as a result of the proliferation of online recipe videos from around the globe, it appears that we are much more eager to try new foods.

To capture our love of food in all its forms, we have developed a number of successful food gift ranges that celebrate the many different types of food we enjoy and help us enjoy them: from French themed food gifts such as cheese boards, bakers and traditional moules dishes, to authentic Indian tandoori pots and masala dabbas, to Mediterranean themed tapas dishes and antipasti platters.

  • Over the years the UK has inherited diverse culinary traditions and foods from numerous sources, including the Saxons, Romans, Vikings, Danes, and Normans
  • Today, we’re most likely to be found enjoying British, Italian, Indian, Chinese and Thai style foods
  • Hawaiian, Mexican and African cuisines are tipped as the latest to surge in popularity in the UK for 2018