Wintery Santa gifts from the range

Festive Christmas gifts for children and adults alike

Today, Christmas is celebrated by over 45% of the globe, with festive traditions differing across each country. In Iceland, Christmas eve is celebrated with the gift of book-giving, whilst in Spain, “caga tió” piñata logs are shaken on Christmas, releasing candy. In Italy, children may receive candy or coal from Le Befana, dependent on their good behaviour; meanwhile in Japan, sharing a family KFC is all part of the festivities!

Our festive gift range is all about giving cosiness, with a touch of Danish hygge, and some much-needed self-indulgence on those chilly winter nights. After all, what better way to spend a midwinter evening than cuddled up on the sofa beside a twinkling Christmas tree, under a fluffy blanket and with a hot chocolate in hand? Our gift selection is perfect for adults and children alike, with a range of cosy hot chocolate and hot water bottle sets, delicious baking gifts with a festive twist, goodie tins filled with chocolate buttons and mallows, and much more.

  • Did you know that Christmas was banned in 1647? The ban wasn’t lifted until 1660.
  • The first Christmas card was created in 1843.
  • King George V gave the first Royal Christmas speech, now a classic British tradition, via radio broadcast in 1932. Queen Elizabeth II then made the first televised Christmas speech in 1957.


Festive hot water bottle with knitted bear design cover in a gift set Festive gift range packaging