Tetley character set including mug, teabags and used teabag holder

Quality gifts for the illustrious tea brand

Tetley is one of the UK’s most celebrated tea brands, recently celebrating its 180th anniversary. The brand launched in 1837 and quickly became a national success. Today, Tetley tea continues to fly off shelves, and the brand have found great success with their new development projects, which include Tetley green and herbal teas, their new Indulgence tea range, and their brand new Super Squash selection.

This is now our eighth year working alongside this classic brand. Tetley’s delicious tea and instantly recognisable brand styling have formed a truly unforgettable gift range, featuring a number of their loveable Tea Folk in the form of mugs, teapots, ceramic tea caddies and even biscuit tins. In recent years, we’ve expanded the range to include the fresh new styling of Tetley green tea, which has found equal success in the gifting market.

  • The Tea Folk are the most recognisable advertising icons of all tea brands
  • Over 30 million pieces of Tea Folk merchandise have been sold and can be found in 5 million UK homes
  • 45 million cups of Tetley tea are consumed every day!
Tetley flavoured green tea gift boxes Tetley gift range packaging