Mrs Brown's Boys

Two mugs from the range

Gifts showcasing the sensational Mrs. Brown

Since its 2011 launch, Brendan O’Carroll’s Irish sitcom Mrs. Brown’s Boys has been celebrated for its quick wit and warm family feel. In fact, the programme was recently voted the best British sitcom of the 21st century by the British public. With a film release in 2014 and multiple new television and stage projects in the works, it’s clear that the Mrs. Brown’s Boys brand continues to go from strength to strength, with television chat show All Round to Mrs. Brown's launching in 2017 to wide acclaim.

Our Mrs. Brown’s Boys gift range takes inspiration from Brendan O’Carroll’s hilarious lead character Mrs. Brown, with a wide range of products showcasing her character, from tea mugs and breakfast sets to aprons, tea caddies, a selection of biscuit tins and even an entertaining plastic Mrs. Brown candy dispenser.

  • Character ‘Mrs. Brown’ first appeared on radio and in stage plays by creator, Brendan O’Carroll, in the early ’90s
  • The TV show stars creator Brendan O’Carroll as Mrs. Brown, with O’Carroll’s family members cast as Mrs. Brown’s on-screen family
  • Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie was released in 2014, with a sequel in the works
Mrs Browns Boys gift range packaging