Vintage Kellogg's gifts including egg cup set, Coco Pops and milk bottle

Our favourite breakfast cereal brought to life

Working with the UK’s favourite cereal brand has been a great experience, with our Kellogg’s gift range now moving towards its fourth retail year and continuing to fly off of shelves. It’s incredibly exciting for our designers to be working with the brand’s renowned logo, favourite childhood characters and the brand’s classic vintage styling.

The Christmas 2017 range included branded cereal bowls, beautifully designed aprons, egg cups, vintage milk jugs, mugs, traditional cereal tins and breakfast tray sets, to name a few. Combining the wonderful design assets of the brand with our gifting expertise, we’ve been able to create a much sought-out gift range that fills adults and children alike with delight.

  • Kellogg’s launched in the UK in 1922
  • Kellogg’s provided breakfast to the crew of Apollo 11 on its inaugural trip to the moon in 1969
  • Today, Kellogg’s cereal is eaten for breakfast in 180 countries across the world
Boiled eggs lined up in Kellogg's egg cups Kelloggs gift range packaging