Jelly Bean Factory

Mug and bowl of Jelly Bean Factory gourmet jelly beans

World-renowned for their fantastic flavours

First created in 1998, the Jelly Bean Factory’s mouth-watering gourmet jelly beans have tempted young and old alike for 20 years! Their delicious confections are available in 36 flavours, from wild cherry to marshmallow, and cola to caramel popcorn. With something for everyone, the sweets are perfect for snacking, a sweet treat or for celebrations.

Did you know that it takes an astonishing 14 days for every single jelly bean to make it off the production line? This level of care has inspired our gift range, which uses high quality ceramics to showcase these gourmet sweets. Our jelly bean dish is perfect for sharing the sweets around – if you can resist eating them all yourself! Our hardware replicates the bright, exciting appearance and flavour of the celebrated jelly beans, making these gifts perfect for sweet tooths.

  • The gourmet jelly beans are supplied in 50+ countries globally
  • The UK celebrate National Jelly Bean Day each year on April 22nd
  • A whopping 12 million beans are made each day to keep up with demand
Gourmet Jelly Bean advent calandar Jelly Bean Factory gift range packaging