Three Emoji espresso shot mugs

Find your favourite Emoji in our expressive gift range

With more than 2,600 emoji now in use, and the recent release of The Emoji Movie, the Japanese innovation has fast become an essential part of how we communicate in the world. It’s no surprise that The Guardian have described emoticons as ‘the first truly global language.’

Our Emoji range is full of fun, featuring everyone’s favourite emojis. The range is as contemporary and entertaining as the brand itself, from our #princess drinking jars to shaped emoji hot chocolate mugs, travel cups for emoji on the go, a selection of adorable miniature emoji gummies featuring the most popular expressions, and even emoji poo-shaped chocolate slabs.

  • The first 180 Emoji collection was created in 1998 by Shigetaka Kurita for a Japanese mobile web platform
  • Today, we can express ourselves with the help of a staggering 2,600 emojis
  • Dictionary.com has recently become the first reference site to add emoji descriptions to its website
A selection of items from the Emoji range Emoji gift range packaging