May the fourth be with you

04 May 2018
Posted by Maddie

In homage to today’s date, May 4th (popularised as “May the fourth be with you” by fans since the late 1970s), we thought it would be fitting to share a bit more with you today about one of our latest brand licenses signed: Original Stormtrooper.

Working with Shepperton Design Studios, who designed the original Stormtrooper helmets and armour for the Star Wars movie franchise and who now create authentic replica props and collectables, we have been busy building a selection of gift proposals ready to retail for Christmas 2018.

We’re confident that the classic brand’s nostalgic appeal, together with the notoriously imposing, futuristic appearance of the Stormtrooper will help us to create an exciting range of iconic food gifts perfect for fans. Nick, our in-house designer managing the brand, says:

“Working on the Stormtrooper brand is one of those projects designers dream about, as one of those that remember the impact the original movies had on my generation. The characters will always be remembered for the excitement and fear they bought to the screen.”

Multi-coloured images of Stormtrooper design

“Working with the 1976 original art, generating product that will stand out, and trigger memories from that time, is the best a designer could hope for,” Nick continues. “With the old, and now the new films bringing the characters to a fresh generation, the iconic Stormtrooper will remain up there with the best.”

Our range of Original Stormtrooper gifts will be launching in stores across the UK ready for Christmas 2018. We hope that you love them as much as we do!

Signature of Andrew Ainsworth (of Shepperton Design Studios)