Gift of the week

18 March 2018
Posted by Maddie

the gift

A ceramic Emoji travel cup featuring a happy face Emoji.

Spring has still not quite sprung here in the UK, but the glorious yellow on this Emoji travel cup makes us feel positively chirpy! This high-quality ceramic travel cup features the slogan "coffee makes me smiley" and paired with delicious rich roast coffee, this travel cup is sure to do just that! Perfect for an early morning commute or a lazy walk at the weekend, this gift is ideal for those who need a coffee pick-me-up.

the brand

With thousands of Emoji in use today, we’ve had plenty of choice for our gift sets. From hilarious Emoji poo shaped hot water bottles, to yummy giant-sized Emoji shaped gummies and more, there’s heaps to choose from within this gift range. We can’t wait to see what our design team does next with these cheeky chaps!

Working on our range of Emoji food gifts has been great fun. We’ve all got our favourites in the office – mine is the crying with laughter Emoji (or maybe the gritted teeth Emoji on a bad day!). I’m sure you have your own Emoji of choice – leave us a comment below to show us your favourite. laugh

perfect for…

  1. Teenagers will rate this vibrant young brand, with its dazzling bright colours and dynamic feel.
  2. Emoji devotees. If you know someone who can’t bear to send a text without one of these popular icons, chances are they’ll appreciate this smiley travel cup. smiley
  3. Coffee lovers. Know someone who can’t function without coffee? They won’t need to with this nifty travel cup, perfect for a cup of Joe on the go.

where can i buy?

You can buy our Emoji travel cup here.