Gift of the week

15 February 2018
Posted by Maddie

The gift

A beautifully packaged selection box of Krispy Kreme mini chocolate doughnuts with window box presentation.

Krispy Kreme white, milk and dark chocolate ring dounghnuts

Krispy Kreme lovers will be delighted with this gift, which contains an assortment of delicious mini chocolate doughnuts in the style of Krispy Kreme’s much-loved classic doughnut options. The set includes irresistible milk chocolate doughnuts with sugar sprinkles, cookie crunch white chocolate doughnuts, and raspberry dark chocolate doughnuts.

The brand

The Krispy Kreme brand has boomed in the UK over the last decade, developing a cult following that’s truly devoted to their delicious doughnuts. We’re massive fans of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the office and regularly have boxes in the kitchen to share around for a birthday treat. Somehow we never find that they last very long with us around! Click here to find out more about the Krispy Kreme brand and our gift range.

Mini chocolate doughnut selection gift box with Krispy Kreme gift tin in the background

Perfect for…

  1. Teenagers will go mad for these cute mini doughnuts, which are perfect for sharing with friends (and on Instagram!).
  2. Sweet tooths won’t be able to get enough of these moreish chocolatey treats. The perfect gift for chocoholics.
  3. Americana aficionados are sure to love this classic American brand, which originated in the 1930s, with its recognisable brand styling and retro feel.

Where can I buy?

You’ll be pleased to hear that our Krispy Kreme chocolate doughnuts are available to buy now.